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With the trade deadline tonight, the 2 biggest questions right now are the goalie situationsfor both The Hippos and The Barrel. With Hippo’s goaltender, Jeff Green, takinga personal leave of absence from the city, will The Hippos be looking to move the first overall pick to acquire a goaltender for the playoffs, will they continue to try and find subs, will Jeff Green drive his van back for the playoffs? It’s difficult to say what will happen here as finding an eligible goaltender to sub for the playoffs is a difficult task. Barrel’s goaltender, Chris B, has recently populated on the injury report. No news on how long he is out for but if it’s long term The Barrel face a similar situation in finding a substitute goaltender. There is a reason there have been 0 goalie trades in league history as this could be the most difficult to pull off. These are 2 potential blockbuster trades that would have to involve names like Jason Campbell, DRo, Lilly, Derek, Henry, or Abby Rutt. 

Who are possible teams that could be interested in thisdeal? The leading contenders are 2 teams looking to breakout of the middlepack, The Royals and Cup Size. Cup Size’s top end goal tending is an item The Hippos are interested in. Without Jeff Green physically here, you’re essentially trading the right to a top-level goaltender sub. Cup Size could be interested in adding ROY contender Lilly to the roster in addition to Jason Campbell for an additional scoring push which may sweeten the deal.  

Potential Trade: 

Jeff Green, Jason Campell, Lilly for Max, Sammi, Jeff Oberg 

The Royals have benefited from great defense and goaltending,winning some very low scoring games. It may make sense to add some scoring tothe roster. If The Barrel are going to make a push for Zisser, the price tag is going be very high and I would expect to see the leading scorer, Derek, to be in orange. 

Potential Trade: 

Chris B, Derek, Abby Rutt for Zisser, Adam Herman, MelWaller 

Staying on the topic of The Royals, this team is absolutely loadeddefensively and if they opt to keep Zisser, I would expect them to move one iftheir defensive pieces in exchange for some scoring. The most likely piece to move would be Anthony Otis. The Royals may find a buyer in either The Hooligans with an outright swap for AK or The Hyenas in a similar swap for Skinny Braun. 

Potential Trades:  

Anthony Otis for AK 

Anthony Otis for Skinny Braun 

Another team that may be looking for some addition rosterhelp is the #1 power ranked team, The Sexy Ducks. Their female resources arevery thin with Caitlin recently hitting the IR and Meg out for an undisclosed amount of time. It might make sense for The Ducks to target The Goaldiggers, Andrea Cutler or Izzy. For them to add an extra female this would be an incredibly interesting male for female swap that likely would involve The Ducks releasing Mike Marron. 

Potential Trade: 

Andrea Cutler for Mike Marron   

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